Guidance for Health Risk Assessment at Recurrent Mass Gatherings The Jeddah Tool Framework

Kingsley, B., Khan, A., El-Ganainy, A., et al. (2021). Guidance for Health Risk Assessment at Recurrent Mass Gatherings: The Jeddah Tool Framework. Prehospital Disaster Medicine. 36(3): 348-353.
The authors describe the Jeddah Tool, a mass gathering (MG) risk assessment tool that can help planners “improve the understanding of health risk assessment at MGs in the overarching contexts of health emergencies and disaster risk reduction, in line with international goals.” It uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to identify and calculate risks and provide recommendations but is also the sole tool to measure “reputational risk” of an adverse incident on the event, hosting nation, or community. The Jeddah tool has been used to assess risks during the Hajji among other events.
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