U.S. Medical ExaminerCoroner Capability to Handle Highly Infectious Decedents

Le, A., Brooks, E., and McNulty, L. (2019). U.S. Medical Examiner/Coroner Capability to Handle Highly Infectious Decedents. Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology. 15(1):31-40.
The authors of this article surveyed medical examiners and coroners across the U.S. to understand their infection prevention practices when handling highly infectious decedents. Tables in the article cover survey responses as to how medical examiners currently use personal protective equipment, procedures performed on highly infectious decedents, information on biosafety levels, and pathogen categorization. The authors recommend updating standard operating procedures and medical examiner education to integrate handling infectious remains and choosing appropriate personal protective equipment. Relationships between local health departments, funeral homes, and crematories could also be strengthened to create multi-sectoral operations for handling infectious remains.
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