Are We Ready for Mass Fatality Incidents Preparedness of the US Mass Fatality Infrastructure

Merrill, J., Orr, M., Chen, D., et al. (2015). Are We Ready for Mass Fatality Incidents? Preparedness of the US Mass Fatality Infrastructure. (Abstract only.) Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 10(1):87-97.
The authors surveyed participants from five sectors (medical examiners, the death care industry, health departments, and emergency managers) to measure preparedness for mass fatality incidents (MFI). Of the 879 respondents, 15% had previously responded to an MFI, while 42% had conducted related staff training. Less than 35% of respondents from the death care industry reported they felt “operationally” prepared for an MFI. The authors emphasized the need for better national “sector-specific and infrastructure-wide preparedness.”
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