Trends in Ransomware Attacks on US Hospitals Clinics and Other Health Care Delivery Organizations 2016-2021

Neprash, H., McGlave, C., Cross, D., et al. (2022). Trends in Ransomware Attacks on US Hospitals, Clinics, and Other Health Care Delivery Organizations, 2016-2021. JAMA Health Forum. 3(12):e224873.
The authors explain who and why ransomware attacks on health care organizations are growing in frequency and sophistication. Between January 2016 and December 2021, 374 ransomware attacks exposed the protected health information of almost 42 million patients, caused electronic health record downtime, cancellations, and ambulance diversions. The authors share that actual numbers are higher and suggest increased and more direct monitoring and reporting of these incidents to improve understanding of how cyber-attacks affect patient safety and health care in general.
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