The Las Vegas Mass Shooting An Analysis of Blood Component Administration and Blood Bank Donations

Lozada, M.J., Cai, S., Li, M., et al. (2019). The Las Vegas Mass Shooting: An Analysis of Blood Component Administration and Blood Bank Donations. (Abstract only.) Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. 86(1):128-133.
The authors gathered data from all hospitals which received patients and blood banks which provided blood products to patients after the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. They found that 220 patients required hospital admission while 68 were admitted to critical care. Almost 500 blood components were transfused in the first 24 hours after the incident, and available blood supply met demand. Planning for future mass shooting incidents ought to include first aid training for hemorrhage control among the public, encouraging routine blood donation, while only calling for additional blood donations if local blood suppliers request them to prevent blood product wastage.
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