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Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness

Various Authors. (2011). Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. Volume 5. Supplement 1.

This special issue contains articles highlighting the work of the Nuclear Detonation Scarce Resources Project Working Group. Included are discussions of triage and medical management of casualties resulting from nuclear detonations; social and behavioral response considerations for planners; and guidance to support health care system preparedness to respond to a nuclear detonation.

Coleman, C.N., Knebel, A. R., Hick, J.L. et al. (n.d.). Scarce Resources for Nuclear Detonation: Project Overview and Challenges.

Knebel, A.R., Coleman, C.N., Cliffer, K.D. et al. (n.d.). Allocation of Scarce Resources After a Nuclear Detonation: Setting the Context.

Hick, J.L., Weinstock, D.M., Coleman, C.N. et al. (n.d.). Health Care System Planning for and Response to a Nuclear Detonation.

Watkins, S.M., Perrotta, D.M., Stanbury, M. et al. (n.d.). State-Level Emergency Preparedness and Response Capabilities.

Tan, C.M., Barnett, D.J., Stolz, A.J., and Links, J.M. (n.d.). Radiological Incident Preparedness: Planning at the Local Level.
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