Novel Coronavirus Infections in Jordan April 2012 Epidemiological Findings from a Retrospective Investigation

Hijawi, B., Abdallat, M., Sayaydeh, A., et al. (2013). Novel Coronavirus Infections in Jordan, April 2012: Epidemiological Findings from a Retrospective Investigation. East Mediterranean Health. 19 (Supp1):S12-18.
This paper describes the epidemiological findings of retrospective investigation carried out in November 2012 for the earliest known healthcare associated outbreak of MERS-CoV that occurred in April 2012. A total of 2 laboratory-confirmed and 11 probable cases were identified from this outbreak: 10 were HCWs and 2 were family members of cases. These findings highlight the likelihood of nosocomial transmission of nCoV infection in a health-care setting.
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