A Cross-Sectional Survey of Patient Needs in Hospital Evacuation

Rimstad, R., and Holtan, A. (2015). A Cross-Sectional Survey of Patient Needs in Hospital Evacuation. (Abstract only.) Journal of Emergency Management. 13(4):295-301.
The authors conducted a study of a hospital’s inpatient needs in the event of a total evacuation within a few hours. As part of the study, a doctor or nurse on each ward registered patients' physical mobility, any special needs complicating transportation (e.g., intensive care, labor, or isolation), and the lowest acceptable level of care after evacuation. Of the 760 included patients, more than half could walk, and nearly 20% either needed a wheelchair or transport on stretcher. Special needs were registered for 18.2% of patients. Close to 50% of patients needed to be evacuated to another hospital to continue care on an acceptable level. The manual can be replicated by others interested in carrying out similar exercises.
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