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Zika Virus Associated with Microcephaly

Mlakar, J., Korva, M., Tul, N., et al. (2016). Zika Virus Associated with Microcephaly. (Included May 9, 2016.) New England Journal of Medicine. 374(10): 951-958.

This article discusses a case report of an expectant mother infected with Zika during the end of her first trimester while in Brazil. Serial ultrasounds at 14 and 20 weeks showed normal fetal growth and anatomy. An ultrasound performed at 29 weeks confirmed intrauterine growth retardation and fetal anomalies. Medical termination of the pregnancy occurred at 32 weeks of gestation. Fetal autopsy findings detail the severe brain injury and placental damage associated with the infection. Genome sequence identity was also performed.
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