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Paramedic Application of a Triage Sieve: A Paper-Based Exercise

Cuttance, G., Dansie, K., and Rayner, T. (2017). Paramedic Application of a Triage Sieve: A Paper-Based Exercise. (Abstract only.) Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. 32(1):3-13.

The authors split 292 paramedics into 4 groups to assess how accurately they applied the triage sieve/algorithm: no training or job aid provided; just-in-time (JIT) training only provided; job aid only provided, and JIT training plus a job aid provided. They found that both JIT training and use of a job aid significantly improved triage accuracy and recommend that paramedics be provided with job aids for field triage because JIT training is impractical when a mass casualty incident occurs. This study also provides some guidance on triage sieve accuracy rate measures.
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