Pilot Test of a Proposed ChemicalBiologicalRadiationNuclear-Capable Mass Casualty Triage System

Cone, D.C., MacMillan, D.S., Parwani, V. and Van Gelder, C. (2008). Pilot Test of a Proposed Chemical/Biological/Radiation/Nuclear-Capable Mass Casualty Triage System. (Abstract only.) Prehospital Emergency Care. 12(2):236-40.
Speed and accuracy of a system that can triage injured patients who are or may be contaminated by chemical, biological, radiation, or nuclear (CBRN) material was pilot-tested paramedics at an airport disaster drill on 56 patient scenarios, some involving signs and symptoms of organophosphate toxicity in addition to physical trauma. The study authors concluded that the chemical algorithm of the proposed CBRN-capable mass casualty triage system can be applied rapidly by trained paramedics, but a significant under-triage rate (10.7%) was observed in this pilot test. They call for further refinement and testing of the algorithm.
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