Randomized Trial Comparing Two Mass Casualty Triage Systems

Jones, N., White, M.L., Tofil, N., et al. (2014). Randomized Trial Comparing Two Mass Casualty Triage Systems (JumpSTART versus SALT) in a Pediatric Simulated Mass Casualty Event. Prehospital Emergency Care. 18(3):417-23.
Paramedics received a 15-minute training in either JumpSTART or SALT and then were asked to assign triage categories to 10 pediatric patients in a simulated building collapse (4 moulaged actors; 6 high-fidelity simulators) using whichever method they were trained in. Study authors concluded that SALT is at least as good as JumpSTART in overall triage accuracy (~66% for each), overtriage (~23% for each), or undertriage (~11% for each) rates in a simulated pediatric mass casualty incident. Both were considered easy to use, and JumpSTART was 8 seconds faster per patient to assign triage designations.
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