Fentanyl Safety Decontamination and Identification

Law Enforcement Learning. (n.d.). Fentanyl Safety, Decontamination and Identification. (Accessed 9/28/2017. NOTE: There is a fee to register for this course.)
This online course is intended for law enforcement members who may come across fentanyl in their daily activities. Participants will learn more about: personal protective equipment related to possession of drug cases, street sales, and lab/bulk sales case; the signs and symptoms of fentanyl exposure; the routes of exposure that lead to fentanyl overdoses for first responders; self-protection from fentanyl exposure when working undercover; decontamination steps; risk assessments for “man down” calls (that can help prevent fentanyl contamination); and the history, dosage units and types of fentanyl that are on the street today.
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