Blood Component Transfusions in Mass Casualty Events

Ramsey, G. (2017). Blood Component Transfusions in Mass Casualty Events. Vox Sanguinis. 112: 648-659.
The author describes the results of a literature review (n=24 articles) on mass casualty incident blood component usage (articles on natural disasters were excluded). He writes, “Five RBCs per admission would have sufficed for 87% of events” and notes that more current data would help establish predictive models.
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  • Bridget Kanawati Thank you, Mr. Ramsey. We have updated the resource citation.
    8/30/2018 7:52:09 PM
  • Glenn Ramsey Source display should read: Vox Sanguinis 112:648-59, 2017
    8/30/2018 4:03:49 PM

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