IS-26 Guide to Points of Distribution

Federal Emergency Management Agency. (2010). IS-26: Guide to Points of Distribution.
This guide was developed to provide an in depth look into the planning, operations, and demobilization stages of a points of distribution mission. The lessons describe the staffing and procedures that states will need to plan for, execute, and demobilize POD operations. The guide also includes key lessons such as safety, equipment, and resource accountability.
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  • Michael Melton The reference should be removed from the association to Medical Countermeasures (MCM) since it is not about Medical Points of Dispensing (M POD), but is instead about the unrelated topic of Commodity Point of Distribution ( C POD). FEMA has a resource typing and a course for operation of a C POD, which is this IS-26 curriculum. However, other than they both involve delivery of support materials to the public following a disaster, there are few direct connections with the operation of a M POD.
    7/11/2016 2:16:18 PM

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