Disaster Response 2.0 Noncommunicable Disease Essential Needs Still Unmet

Horn, R. and Kirsch, T. (2018). Disaster Response 2.0: Noncommunicable Disease Essential Needs Still Unmet. American Journal of Public Health. 108(Suppl 3): S202–S203.
The authors note the strides that have been made in providers’ ability to manage patients with chronic disease during and after disasters, and describe challenges experienced during the 2017 hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico to illustrate the need for enhanced preparedness to meet “noncommunicable disease essential needs.” Recommendations for reducing demand among individuals with chronic disease (e.g., improved availability of health information sharing and personal preparedness), as well as increasing system capacity (e.g., better access to pharmaceuticals and durable medical goods, and more special needs shelters), are offered.
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